REVIEW: Mondo Dusk – Duskoville EP

Mondo Dusk has been making waves for a young minute. Man has made a name for himself in the Vaal hip hop scene and has ambitions to be immersed into heights that even extend past the continent. So he had released a new EP called Duskoville to let loose on his current state of mind. Let’s unpack it one time.

From the get go, Duskoville is a soncial departure from his 2018 EP, Born Again. This is the result of a new audio-sensory combination with producer Da Villa (with help from HYPE1108). A little research indicated that Da Villa’s portfolio is more of a house persuasion. Musically, there are stark differences between house and hip hop, so it would be interesting to see how Da Villa would combine elements from both elements.

More electronic synths and Rhodes keys are in play in this EP and are welded in different ways to find that groove, that bounce. Less 808’s, more hard hitting kicks. This can be summarized as an electroverse of sounds.

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An exception to the above starts with the filtered vocal sample that creeps up on the intro track Soon. The live bass and drums are a nice touch because it adds a never give up type of mindset of the bars. Tell me you don’t feel like you can do something good for yourself after reading this

I know my future is bright

Trust me, I’m getting it right

I gotta give it my all, enemies praying I fall

I see them closing the door, I’ma jump over the wall

I’m gonna do the impossible, I told you “anything’s possible”

I’m gonna conquer my obstacles, I’m gonna conquer my obstacles

Another thing we learn about Mondo is that he really wants a “Lamborghini”. Last time it was just a line, this time around it became a song. He also let it known that he even dropped out of college to push this music thing. He also does not seem to be above stunting on his teachers. While I’m not that type of nigga, there is one teacher I would not mind stunting on.

More concepts have been explored over the 6 tracks such as the being a taking the proverbial road less traveled on “Supercool”, attempts to resolve dysfunctional relationship moments on “Questions” featuring Cape Town via Vaal rapper Mo Artwell and the challenges in making constant relatable music on “Hollywood Dreams”.

The winner in this body work comes from a banger in “Real One”. Mondo is joined by another Vaal urban poet, Espiquet. Both gents are in their bag as they both “get major like Bushiri” while “tryna get that mozzarella, forever”. The singers towards the end was a clutch move and landed the game winner. This has a potential to be a smash hit.


All in all, Duskoville is a manifestation of an artist who is willing to take a chance on new ideas in trying to find their sound. A tidy effort of only 18 minutes. It might be a petty thing to pick up, but I observed that Mondo has been flirting with more vernac bars on this project. Never a bad idea to do in this country. But that topic is for another day.

Duskoville does not seem to have a central theme other than a view into what goes behind the scenes of what goes into the grind work of a rapper who says that he’s blowing up soon. No doubt we will be there when that does happen.

Fire Tracks: Soon, Real One, Lamborghini, Hollywood Visions

Listen to Duskoville on Soundcloud below

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