We got a chance to witness the first Trace btb Live kick off this year, and what a better way to start it with one of the most promising rapper who is yet to make a big mark in the SA rap scene.

In case you are not familiar with the sessions

#BTBLive – is a concept created by TRACE Southern Africa to celebrate emerging artists who are “bout to blow” into the music scene. The invite-only events are a collaborative effort between TRACE and Universal Music to provide more platforms for new artists to be seen and heard.

Most of us might know Dee XCLSV from Vuzu’s music reality show, The Hustle, while some may know him from the day he chose rap over cricket, yes Dee XCLSV aspired to be the best cricket player on the land but the Rap calling was a bit more urgent, we suppose. hahaha.

Supported by his live band, Dee XCLSV gave us one of the most electrifying performance from an up coming artist. Sharp flows on wavy beats and heartfelt lyrical content were the talk of the night. He was later joined by his crew (Punchline, consisting of him, ,   and .) on a few songs he collaborated on to even make the  performance more memorable.

We do believe Dee XCLSV is definitely one rapper to look out for this year, with or without Vuzu he is a man on a hustle to get to the top. See what we did there?…..

Watch Dee XCLSV’s new video of HENNY NO DASH, which he recently dropped and also look out for more work from him this year.

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