NEWS: @1Der_Boi TO RELEASE #theSouthernRadioTour


This up and coming urban poet from the dusty streets of Sebokeng calls himself One_Der FullofMyself. If you were wondering why he’s full of himself, one needs to take a listen to his descriptive lyrics, sharp flows and an impactful delivery which has grown on him over a time span of over 10 years.

Man has definitely put in his 10 000 hours, plus some change.

One_Der is putting the pieces together to launch his latest project, #theSouthernRadioTour. #theSouthernRadioTour aims to take the listener through an adventure of growth, heart, the harsh realities of youth suicides and also borrows a lot of creativity from the new wave music that the youth generally like to make use of.

… 19 months spent in the dark then I came out a star … – One_Der FullofMyself

#theSouthernRadioTour was inspired by the 19 hard months One_Der spent in prison. Not one to let that predicament bring him down to the bottom, he put pen to paper to allow himself open up and vocalize the darkness he experienced while and after he was in prison.

With this project, he intends to carry on the tradition that was laid down by his SBK predecessors like Mr. Instro, Mothipa & Golden Shovel. The beat productions come courtesy of the young-genius FanaticBeatz, the cinematic S.O.D. as well as the ever so soulful BeMusic.

Johnny Matt (Previously known as ABSTRACT SA), as well as Rassco (Blue Skies Production) have handles on the post-production efforts in order to provide the project with a more clean, popping sound.

#theSouthernRadioTour is packed with 12 tracks, and 3 features from Vuyo (Vocalist), Yohlee Blanko (Rapper/ Vocalist) and Johnny Matt (Rapper/ Producer) This project is aimed to fill in the gaps while One_Der prepares his local and international audience for an album that he aims to drop in 2020/2021.



#theSouthernRadioTour is set to drop on 24 February 2019.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter @1Der_Boi

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