Review: Rap Battle – @Joyner_Lucas vs. @ToryLanez

If you came up to me and asked, “Joyner Lucas vs. Tory Lanez – at the end of rap battle, who would be six feet in the mud? – I would probably tell you without a hint of hesitation, that Tory is a dead nigga standing”. As much as, I am a fan of Tory, he’s more of a pop star than a rapper. However the events of epic rap feud have left me shook.

For someone of you, who don’t know what the hell I’m going on about, take a seat, as I briefly get you up to speed. For some time, there has been back 2 back trash talking fest’ between the two, on these social media streets and after Tory referred to Joyner as the “Joyner kid” and said that he could go “bar for bar with any rapper”, to which Joyner responded by telling Tory to “pick any beat” for them to both rap over – and after those words were uttered, the ground started trembling, the skies cracked open and from the mighty heavens, the bars rained and good heavens they rained hard.


Let’s review the first two rounds of the Joyner Lucas vs. Tory Lanez Rap Battle:


ROUND 1: Tory Lanez – Lucky You (Freestyle) vs. Joyner Lucas – Litty (freestyle)

Tory Lanez – Lucky You (Freestyle)

The beat and title of this track was taken from Eminem and Joyner’s 2018 track “Lucky You”. The Canadian singer mimicked Joyner’s flow and specifically, his high tempo rapping style, just to let the fans know that the he could do anything his opponent could do but better, he further expressed that point on the track’s outro,

“Let these niggas know that all that rapping fast shit/We can do it too, nigga/Niggas be thinking they got that special sauce/Not today, nigga..” The track boasted other bars like, “Look, lil nigga, uh/I got the remedy, I got the shooters with hidden identities/Fuck who you send at me”

But nothing that would have me wondering, if Joyner could bury him.  


Joyner Lucas – Litty (freestyle)

Less than 24hrs later Joyner dropped Litty Freestyle which was taken from Meek Mill and Tory’s 2016 track of the same name. Joyner showed that he would not let no singer rapper step to him and live to talk about it. He went HAM on Tory  with lines such as,

Only few real niggas left, they ain’t many (Yuh)/They compare me to Em, they compare you to Iggy (Oh)/They compare me to Meth, they compare you to Glizzy (Oh, oh)/I’m Leonardo Da Vinci, I paint a picture with color/I already got cake and I don’t need a butler (Yeah)/We already got Drake and we don’t need another/I don’t really got space but I’ma eat your supper (Woo)”.

In this verse he clearly draws parallel between himself and HipHop legends Method Men and Eminem, while comparing Tory to Shy Glizzy and Iggy Azalea. He further goes on to make mention of criticism Tory obtained early in his career to for copying Drake’s singer/rapper style.


After listening to the first two tracks – Joyner Lucas was the clear winner of round 1.

ROUND 2: Tory Lanez – Litty Again (Freestyle) vs. Joyner Lucas – ZEZE (freestyle)

Tory Lanez – Litty Again (Freestyle)

I will be honest, like everybody, I know I didn’t see Tory being able to comeback with anything that would shift things in his favour but my, oh my, was I dead wrong. The “Say it” hit maker attacked Joyner on everything from his father’s failed career –

“See ya daddy was a musician that never made it/’Cause when you was born nigga it was you or him/Shattered knowing he would never make it as an artist/And the odds of his life prolly be 2 to 1/But I give it to him ’cause he didn’t run/I guess he figured, “man when you look at it in a nutshell/All I got is a failed music career and/My revenge is giving that shit to my son”;

to Joyner’s lack of commercial success even with co-signs from Em “I got five plaques this year, you did a whole song with Eminem and still don’t even have one nigga”. Tory went further by mimicking Joyner’s multiple perspective storytelling rapping style, with bars like,

I’m Joyner Lucas, why did I start it with this guy?/Tory Lanez coming back what am I gonna do this time?/They ain’t like none of my diss lines/Everybody knows I can spit it in quick time/Even if the lines is as shitty as 6ix9ine’s/But this time they ain’t really letting me get by/Fuck I’m finna do with this shit now?…”

I could on and on but the point is Joyner got bodied by a singing nigga on this track.

Joyner Lucas – ZEZE (freestyle)

Joyner decided to sample Kodak Black’s hit track “Zeze”, as his rebuttal to Litty Again and this time, he took the opportunity to highlight Tory’s history of biting and stealing flows,

Okay, let’s talk about your plagiarism that you hate to mention (Yeah)/Or talk about the hate you giving to the greats you dissing/(Let’s talk about it)/And that writer who wrote yo’ shit still ain’t get paid on that “Don’t Die” record/You should probably go pay the nigga (Yeah, man)/And how the fuck you talk about Kendrick when he a legend (Huh)/Then go bite the nigga style on your record right at the ending/On 4AM Flex 2 minutes and 50 seconds/Sound exactly like the Art of Peer Pressure, go take a listen…”

Now as dope as this verse may be, it’s not new news that Tory bites flows – the dude has been accused of stealing a numbers of artists’ flows including Don Q, Eric Bellinger, GlockSavvy, Travis Scott & Drake to name a few.


Zeze (Freestyle) was a solid response to Litty (Freestyle) but the winner of round 2 goes to Tory Lanez.

In Conclusion

Word of advice to anyone following this rap battle, turn your notifications on, cause this war of bars is far from over.

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