DJ Venom Presents ‘The Boy’s Slept On’ With Jillz

Johannesburg, South Africa

In a year many would deem a disappointment for SA Hip Hop, Blank Spaces
rapper King Jillz has come to save the game with his Mixtape _‘The Boy
Slept On’_ alongside skilled DJ, Venom. The tape debuted at number 2
on ITunes SA Hip Hop charts this past Friday. The first single _Money
Calling _also debuted at number 1 on Absolute Hip Hop with DJ Speedsta.

A 10 track offering, the project speaks on the realities of being a
young dreamer working hard to overcome adversity in the world.

_“It is
a project that speaks on the pain that comes with being ‘slept on’,
underestimated or looked over.”_ Says Jillz. _“The project offers a
musical sense of awe by combining soulful melodies with modern pop
structure and rumbling 808s with menacing kick drums.”_

According to the rapper, every element of this Mixtape was carefully
selected. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. _“The chord
choices are lush and the melodies are handpicked with the utmost care
and intention. The music offers a high taste level version of modern
trap infused with the individual flair.”_

This project provides a wide array of emotional connectivity whilst
still putting forward solid rap performances immersed in an honest and
believable narrative. Entirely self-produced, _The Boy’s Slept On_
offers a succinct picture of what King Jillz has to offer as an artist.

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