Money Badoo & Sauwcy Make Their Joint Debut With MK-ULTRA

Money Badoo & Sauwcy collaborate to fuse melodic runs, biting flows and juicy trap beats with the release of their first EP!

The chemistry and combined charisma of Money Badoo and Sauwcy only amplify the melodic and trappy vibe of MK-ULTRA. Having worked on this project over the lockdown period, when the world and it’s talents were wondering “what next?” this rap duo kept it pushing and focused on their craft.

According to Mandisa Ntsinde of Zkhiphani Magazine, “The project explores modified Trap sounds that are beautifully contrasted with lovey-dovey synths that make for some beautiful melodic endeavors.” As their first formal debut in South Africa’s entertainment industry, Sauwcy and Money Badoo seek to establish themselves and represent their values of women’s liberation and leadership as they continue to move music through the hearts and minds of music lovers.


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