Just Jabba drops second 2020 single, KLIPA.

Johannesburg, Monday, 12 October 2020 – East Rand’s Bougie Pantsula returns. Just Jabba drops second 2020 single, KLIPA. A couple weeks ago he released his first single of the year ISSA LOT. In no time, he announced the title of the second single. Now keep it 100.

 Nothing personal. Jabba addresses money, honour, loyalty, hustle and respect. What’s rightfully his, what he’s owed – must be paid to him. Now pay up. If you weren’t keeping it real before, here’s one last chance to do so.

‘I’m taking up space. Demanding that people make way and if they don’t, I’ll make a way myself. It’s a declaration of sorts and it’s nothing personal, ijob yijob. Keep it 100 or nothing.’

Keep it 100 with Just Jabba today and stream KLIPA now

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