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and God said; “Let there be Kevin Mzizi.”

Kevin Mzizi Drops His First EP Today, Titled 'O4PMT'

11 September 2020: Producer Kevin Mzizi introduces himself to the world with his first EP, Our 4pm Tuesday’s.

‘This right here is the pre Genesis, this is before the two, mother and father realize how deeply fond they are of each other, through reflection of emotions, thoughts and memories of each other.’

Kevin Mzizi explains 

O4PMT is available on all music streaming platforms.

Now, put on your headsets and take this 12 minute trip with me here 


1. Bathtub:
In Steamy mirrors and High Temperatures, all we have to reflect is one another.

2. Their Bags:
Mother’s Nike Bag looks at me with her face magnetized towards my direction as my bag waves at her, my last look becomes our final goodbye as she heads home.

3. BosBok Str:
The Street that serves as a respectful memory, reminding me that mother is a home for me, a place of warmth, and a place where insecurity and fear dies giving rise to bravery and courage, my place of Love.

4. Bedroom Effect:
She is at ease in my presence, calm and secure, as if she finds herself in a well structured bedroom. Luxurious Pillows and with an amazing fragrance.

5. Marvelous Grace:
The day before i see her, my connection with God, myself and her is Replenished by a Graceful voice.

6. Home At Last:
My eyes meet her skin and walk themselves up to meet her eyes halfway, after starving, my soul is fed and she becomes my soul food.

Our 4pm Tuesday’s

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