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Kicks with Mr Miyagi: Saucony x AFEW Shadow 5000 “Time & Space”⁠ Drop date

aka Einstein

This is an awareness post more than anything. This post alludes to one of the most “slept on” kicks in the sneaker culture, especially here in RSA. With that being said I would like to introduce you to the Saucony & AFEW Shadow 5000 “Time and Space” aka “Einstein”. It is such an exclusive kick that the only image of it available is the one featured on the post.

This is a collaboration between Saucony a North American manufacturer of footwear and apparel and AFEW Store a kick outlet founded in 2008 – based in Düsseldorf Germany. Over the years the store has collaborate and worked with big brands such as Nike, Adidas, ASICSTIGER, Diadora and now to add to that illustrious list Saucony. I for one cannot wait for this drop and I hope in the near future South Afrcan/ African sneaker shops will also collaborate with well known brands to work on dope ass kicks! (I for one would be thrilled to work with big brands on kicks! F.Y.I…. “wink wink-nudge nudge”), anyway here is a teaser from the AFEW Store instagram page (and it is exactly that!… a teaser)

Right?, it gives away nothing but the packaging!…. As stipulated in the above insert, this stupendous kick will be dropping September 19 ’20

I HOPE WE GET A RSA DROP (fingers crossed) 

Kick price: TBA (however Saucony Shadow 5000’s range around R995-R2199. so let’s save a cool R3000…. so we are safe, Right?)

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