EXCLUSIVE: King Lutendo Breaks Down The Origin of His Name on the Lockdown Interview

The first of the Lockdown Interview series looks at the origin of when a man became a King.

In a way to deal with the lockdown regulations due to the coronavirus epidemic, the good people at Thinksllow decided to pull a rabbit out the hat with this one with King Lutendo.

Introducing the Lockdown Interview series, where our very own BraSmoove to chop it up the with eclectic, avant-garde rapper-producer-illustratior.

He also released a new album titled Muya. It’s a 14 track project written, produced, performed and engineered by King Lutendo. Muya is available on reliable digital service providers

in the first of the Lockdown Interview series, he broke down the origins of his name. Without giving too much detail, it breaks down how the process on how he no longer saw himself as an ordinary rapper, but rather a musical King. More details relating to his craft and achievements will be reveled later in the Lockdown Interview series.

Find King Lutendo on Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud

Check out the 1st part of the Lockdown Interview below (background beat by PleoBMM):

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