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Becoming One With My Most Powerful Tool; My Truth

BTS Costume Series by No Modern Slave

“The gift to translate my truth through my passion, that’s my purpose”- Kgosi

First of it’s kind in Africa, costume designer Gift Kgosierileng takes it to the digital streets to share his truth. With the creation of the costume collection ‘The Slaves Truth‘ by No Modern Slave. They look at different characters and the costumes created that exudes their characteristics, moods, skills and power.

“I am now creating my first costume collection during this period. These are based on a fantasy story of African Soul Spirits/Kings and Queens Precolonial. This collection is an expression of what we are in the future (now) if colonisation and oppression had not seen the day of light.” he says.

Having announced recently of the coming of the costume series, the first episode Premiered Jun 16, 2020, on the No Modern Slave by Kgosi Youtube channel. Here we get to know The Spirit Daddy.

A mature King that found his quest tho seek Self. His spiritual gift. In his forties, he finds comfort and peace with his gift, a healer. Because of his natural love for people and connections build throughout his years. This spirit exists in the future where Africans who find their purpose and he facilitates the process. He does this by time spend in his presence. He recharges with his connection to nature. He is Nature. Something understood by him well. He loves it in his truth and this truth heals all who is in his presence.

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