New Music: The @agtmusic _ KNOW NOTHING

Following the postponement of the Label announcement & the release of new material, GDVBCYE & the @agtmusic_ collective break the silence and brings us “Know Nothing”!!. Co-produced by 6tybxtz, Flickice & Mk Jozy & features Que, Rascal & ‘CYE himself, the song is just the tip of an iceberg as All Good Things is set to give us more content and more music releases during this winter.
KNOW NOTHING is rather a rap jam session on a trap beat with a touch of soft vocal work by Que for a mainstream appeal but in reality, rappers need to rap and this is what @agtmusic_ is all about.
It is safe to say that @agtmusic_ is coming to the fold to make a solid statement and if you are for hiphop then you should turn on the notifications, take a comfortable seat and enjoy the ride. Link below

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