Opinion: A Prediction of Kwaito and Hip Hop Producer Beat Battles

We sat and deliberated on the best possible match ups of kwaito and hip hop producers


In light of the beat battles that have taken Instagram by storm, we as the good folks at Thinksllow decided to brainstorm on our dream match-ups within the South African music scene. For the purpose of this piece, we are going to look at 2 genres that have defined the expression of the youth in South Africa. First up, the OG’s who merged slowed down house music, garage, electronic sounds with African rhythms and melodies that led to the phemomenon that is kwaito


M’Du vs Zwai Bala


DJ Cleo vs Brothers of Peace

Spikiri vs Guffy

KB vs Gabi Le Roux

D-Rex vs Bulldawgz Entertainment

Hip Hop

Luckily the hip hop community have heard some of our cries with Tweezy & Gemini Major and Makwa & Lunatik Beats engaging in a battle of their best production hits. In the meantime, here are some battles that might whet the hip hop fans’ appetite. Some are known for their hard hitting beats, others for their soulful sample flips and others for the unorthodox melodies that still make you want to move somethings. Without any futher ado…

Master A-Flat vs pH Raw X

Sean Pages vs Psyfo


Wichi 1080 vs Ruff

Zoocci Coke Dope vs MashBeatz

IV League vs Bongani Fassie

Omen vs Dome

Thasman vs Amu

Let us know if we were on the money with our predictions or if we should stick to our day jobs.

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