New Podcast: The Kulcha Reflects on “Groove in the Time of Corona”

Here goes some audio fire to keep you company during "Quarantine & Chill"

As usual, The Kulcha was a full house of plenty humour, hot takes with a sprinkle of logical reasoning.

For the 58th episode, The Kulcha crew is joined by one of the dopest stand-up comedians in Southy, Eureka Nkese

As soon as Eureka said: “thanks for having me”, he was put under the spotlight as they played their version of 30 Seconds.


Here goes the show notes for this episode:

We then unpacked on the possible reasons of 21 000 Gauteng students failing Grade 1 in 2019. For once, we did not say “fuck them kids”.

Nobody learned more in this episode than Stan, who found out that “talking out of your vagina” is not a real term.

Another hot topic was the concept of “forced activism”, especially in the case of young Zaya Wade, who seems to have been pushed to be an LGBT activist, even though she probably just wants to be a 12 year old kid doing 12 year old kid things.

We believe this episode will be as viral as HIV and corona—excuse us, COVID-19. Last week, we had conspiracy theories that got debunked. At least, this time, we did some research to back up our hot takes.

All this and more as we keep you company during these times of “Quarantine and Chill”

The title of this episode was inspired was inspired by two things:

  1. “Love in the Time of Cholera”, a book turned movie written by Colombian author, Gabriel García Márquez
  2. This video (shout out @SizweBebe)


The question remains: will the next podcast be recorded via video conferencing? Let us find out next week for the Kulcha.

You can catch The Kulcha on TwitterFacebookInstagram and SoundCloud.

Listen to “Groove in the Time of Corona” for free below on Spotify:

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