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Hi-Tec Original P.C.T Boots (Tan)

Firstly I would like to say… It’s good to be back!!! and today the sensei is throwing a bit of a curve ball in this edition of “Kicks With Mr Miyagi”. It is a special review indeed!

Today we will be taking a rather dense look at the Hi-Tec Original P.C.T boot. Okay, As we normally do here on  “Kicks With Mr Miyagi” a little bit of history surrounding the kick in question. These are the Original (Tan) Hi-Tec P.C.T boot. The “Original” suggests that this is the first edition kicks created by Hi-Tec sports, a company that was founded in 1974 in Essex, England, by Frank van Wezel. The company moved its headquarters around before relocating to Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1978 Hi-Tec Sports USA was started in Modesto, California by Kathy and Duke Jones. They developed the first lightweight hiking boot and this grew to being the dominant factor to Hi-Tec Sports USA success. In 1988 the company was floated in the London Stock Exchange and 2 years later Duke and Kathy sold Hi-Tec Sports USA to the founder Frank Van Wezel.


What makes this review special is the fact that this kick was not created for the culture…. this boot was created and engineered for hiking as the P.C.T abbreviates (Pacific Crest Trail: is a long-distance hiking and equestrian trail closely aligned with the highest portion of the Cascade and Sierra Navada mountain ranges, which lie 160 to 240 km east of the U.S.A Pacific coast) . Evidently this tells that this kick was made for comfort, durability and breathability, if you know this kick you will know that it lives up to expectations. The Hi-Tec P.C.T boot is contrived with rigid torsion because of the steel shank and a removable EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate: an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are “rubber like” in softness and flexibility) innersole for grand cushioning and comfort, hikers walk long hours so this kick has to cater to comfort, cushioning and durability for tough hiking trails. Hi-Tec achieved all this as the dual density EVA midsole offers support to your foot in all the right places and the carbon rubber outsole gives you superb grip. This Iconic silhouette design comes with durable suede and mesh upper for breathability, the moisture wicking lining helps keep the feet dry.

  There are numerous reasons to cop the Hi-Tec P.C.T boot, besides its iconic status the Hi-Tec is a sheer crossover kick as it was designed and created for hiking I think this can be a huge favourite in the streets and can be a valued addition to the sneaker culture (the last time “the culture” transitioned such a cool crossover shoe it was the Timbaland boot). Its durable meaning it will last you longer than your average kick and it’s slick design will make it easier for your “combos to communicate” as it goes well with denim shorts and pants. Probably the most important reason why I love this kick and why I always wanted a pair its because for an average sneakerhead money is the greatest hurdle, so copping this kick is a plus because it will last you a lifetime and give a chance to save up for more kicks.


If you are into quality this is the kick for you! the average retail price is R899 and believe me when I say… It is money well spent! Go cav’ the kick as it comes in 2 new colourways , the Blue (with donkey grey laces) and Black (with classic tan laces).

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