New Podcast: The Kulcha Tackles “Arousal Incongruence”

South Africa's favourite stoner podcast had a robust and engaging discussion, for the Kulcha

The Kulcha is a South African based 420 friendly podcast where the hosts roll up, play tunes and speak on what’s been happening in the culture. And by culture, it’s a game where anything goes. The topics at face value are not related to each other but through some creativity, wit and all around good vibes; everything flows like cold water on a Summer’s day.

For the 57th episode, “Arousal Incrongruence”, Stan, The President, Baksteezy, and Ms. America got together and got to chatting on what has been burning topics on the streets, both physical and digital. Here goes the show notes:

This week’s episode starts off with us acknowledging the relevance and significance of International Women’s Day. Things take a quick turn when the question “How serious are you about 30 seconds” is posed. The President argued that your ability to play the game IS NOT really a validation of how well you know a person, everyone else disagreed!

The Kulcha Klub members were left unmoved, unimpressed and underwhelmed by all the “Rona” jokes as well as the virus itself as Baksteezy takes the chance to break down his Coronavirus conspiracy theory. “It’s not designed to affect black people”, he proclaims.

Oh, by the way…please Dab when you cough!

Stan proposes that society normalises chastity as Ms. America leads deliberation on the concept of “arousal incongruence” and the life span of “consent”.

Lastly…why is the youth in such a rush all the time, why are we so impatient?

You can catch The Kulcha on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.

If that got you wanting to hear some of that kulcha, listen for free below on Spotify:

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