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We Predict The Winners of the 2019 SA Hip Hop Awards

We look into our crystal ball to predict who will come out on top

The 2019 SA Hip Hop Awards nominations were recently leaked and there has been anticipation over who gets to take home the coveted star trophy. We at decided to look into our crystal ball to predict who will come out on top by 14 December.

Without further ado, let’s get it…

We already have stated our case on the best SA rap album of 2019, you can read that here

WINNER: YoungstaCPT – 3T

The youngings of 2019 have different styles and are all killing it in their different lanes. Awards like these are based on popularity and out of the 5 nominees, one name sort of sticks out like a sore thumb and it would be a shocker if the results go the other way.

WINNER: The Big Hash – Young

Ashamedly, we haven’t listened to much radio outside of Gauteng this year, as such our predicted winner may be biased towards the regional shows. With that being said, YFM is more leaning towards dropping new fresh music more effectively than other stations.

WINNER: SA Hip Hop Live – YFM

It has been refreshing to see more music videos use a cinematic story line. The usual formula of a mansion, sport cars, bottles and booties popping was getting played out. Looking at the submissions, “YVR” is a middle finger to the colonialists, “The Hills” and “HOSH” are gritty takes on the happenings of Joburg streets, “Sudden” is a homage to mafia movies and “Supa Dupa” is a fun, colourful & lighthearted take.

WINNER: Imraan Christiaan for YoungstaCPT – YVR

Street wear culture is an integral part of hip hop culture as a whole. BAPS and Butan have some sort of an alliance. Y?Gen is also making a young name for itself while SGOD has the makings of an MVP fashion label in the future.

WINNER: Butan Wear
A comprehensive list of gents that did the most in the name of hip hop. Each have their different proposals for being the best. It can be assumed that this category goes beyond their own music, it also includes features and live performances, If so, one name pops out here.

WINNER: YoungstaCPT – 3T

With no disrespect to Assessa and Bizzcuit, this category is a two horse race between Nadia and Gigi. Both have made major strides in their respective careers; Nadia with her clothing label deal and Gigi with her one woman show. It will likely go down to the intangibles to get a winner out of this category.

WINNER:  Nadia Nakai – Naked

It is safe to say hip hop DJs have a responsibility to turn the party up while also introducing the masses to that new heat. The popular vote shows that the more favoured DJ in the streets currently are the ones that do more than just mix songs together using fades and scratches,


Everybody loves a singalong, as judged by the above nominees having singers featured on their songs. No Stress, Hello & Say U Will have had more of a presence and more spins than the others, but it also goes down to the cohesiveness of the collabos.

WINNER: KO ft Nandi Madida – Say U Will

In all honesty, Cassper and Kwesta had a average year in terms of making power moves behind the scenes. Riky has earned his entrepreneurial stripes and Nadia is branching into the fashion space. But Nasty C has made plenty splashes in the local and international waters; some of us still have to wipe our faces.


Artist backed events are becoming the wave as it allows the artist to drive the narrative on how to showcase their hottest trends. Now pulling off events in multiple cities? In the same year? That’s better ballsy. Seeing that we believe Nasty is the hustler of the year, it would be synergistic to also give him this award.

WINNER: The Ivyson Tour

Makwa could win this awards based on his versatility alone. He could also lose points for jumping on the amapiano train and not “keeping it hip hop”. That being said, it will be the quantity of songs produced that might be the separator between the winner and the rest.

WINNER: Gemini Major

Nobody in SA hip hop has had a bigger redemption year than Gigi Lamayne and she solidified that upward trajectory with a stellar mixtape that could have rivaled for Album of the Year.

WINNER: Gigi Lamayne – Job Woods

This one here is the toughest one because ALL of these urban poets can rap. Youngsta is the favourite. Jimmy and P Dot are the dark horses. If Reason or Ginger Trill win, it’s probably for their ghostwriting (but you did not hear it from us).


For more details on how to vote, visit the SA Hip Hop Awards website.

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