KICKS WITH MIYAGI: ADIDAS Stan Smith review (Part 1 – The Eulogy)

Adicolor Kermit the frog g6 green series

This will probably be the heaviest review ever written, at least on this site. Not only are we celebrating a classic kick, we also bid farewell to a beloved kick to me personally (ereng mood).


The general knowledge surrounding the Adidas Stan Smith is that it was created in 1965 meaning it is celebrating 54 years of existence, true…. however the first kick was created for french tennis star Robert Haillet in 1964 and the design was slightly different…. (we’ll talk about it on my next follow up review…. it will be a continuation “PART 2”)

In ’83 Adidas launched Adicolor, where the kicks were sold with utensils that could be used by the purchaser to customise their own. The kick came in white as a canvas of sorts.

The Stan Smiths thrive on their “less is more”  hypothesis, the prominent 3 stripes were omitted and replaced with 3 rows of perforations through the upper leather. In 2005 The “Kermit the frog” were relaunched as a mimic of the original and included characters like “Tron, Mr happy, Miss Piggy, Betty Boop, Trimm Dich and Mohammad Ali” 

I “married” the pair 2 years later ’07 and I got them cheap too (I think 500 bucks) at the time the Stan Smiths were very underrated, they were not moving off the shelves which was great for me! A kick lover who cannot afford these expensive kicks. Being a sneaker enthusiast  is an expensive lifestyle and it hits the heart, this is why it pains me to let go of such history and 12 long years of “umswenko”, the memories, the compliments, the respect from the real ones, the mami-game! shheeesh!!!

What a time it’s been “Kermit!”


For a kick to last me over a decade it is evident that it’s strong, it is a quality kick, it is timeless and I will say it is fairly comfortable. It has become a tradition  for me to keep a “Stan in my kata one

Its been a phly ride. It is the end of an era. 




A Mr Miyagi eulogy…. “Open sesame”

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