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The latest release from South African pop artist, Miguel Pregueiro, might surprise his existing and continuously growing fanbase, as My Baby Says She Loves Me is unlike anything he has released in the past. With this song, Pregueiro introduces listeners and fans to more of his emotional side, parts of him not seen that clearly before. And although the song itself is still deeply rooted in his signature Spanish sound, the lyrics clearly reveal the contradictions in a relationship of someone saying one thing, but their actions showcasing the opposite.

Despite the song title therefore being misleading, Pregueiro says that My Baby Says She Loves Me is “anything but a love song”.

When asked what inspired him to write the song, he reveals: “I thought of the title of the song long before I even started working on anything else, but from the word go I didn’t want it to be a love song. I wanted to tackle a relationship where one person keeps saying all the things you’d want to hear, but they don’t live up to these expectations they’ve created when it truly matters – in fact, just doing the opposite.”

Pregueiro adds: “We have all seen it far too often – people, friends or our ourselves, who are stuck in a relationship although they know that they deserve so much better, There comes a time hopefully where you have to realise your worth and draw enough courage from this in order to walk away.”


He continues, “It can be a vicious cycle that you find yourself in, but it usually becomes so unbearably bad that you are almost forced and left without a choice to take that brave step, and as you walk away, often you are then rewarded by finding someone who actually deserves you.”

The music video for My Baby Says She Loves Me was shot in Pregueiro’s own hometown of Edenvale, Johannesburg. “We always have a very small team that we work with, as I prefer the intimacy of it that way,” Miguel explains. “Since launching my career as a serious artist, I made a point of surrounding myself with as few people as possible, but with talented individuals that I knew I could trust to get the job properly done.”

The music video of My Baby Says She Loves Me stars talented South African actress, Suraya Santos, opposite Pregueiro, who is known for her past projects that range from “Last Broken Darkness”, “Free State”, to “Triggered”, amongst others.

The music video follows and depicts the story of a couple trapped in the messy cycle the song speaks about, and also showcases visually that no matter how many good times you have together, if the bad outweighs the good, there is a massive problem, which “you can only avoid for so long…”

“Pregueiro concludes: “I’m trusting that my current and future audiences will take to this new side of me. Displaying your versatility as an artist is in any case crucial. But I’ll admit – I do however find it difficult to show my more emotional side to people, but over time I’ve become eager to share this song and also take a similar brave step, just like the couple in the song is expected to do. However, I trust it will pay off in the end when people see that there is far more to me as an individual and artist than what they might have thought up to now, based on my previous releases.”

Watch the music video for My Baby Says She Loves Me here

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