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Kicks With Miyagi: NIKE AIR MAX 95′ Review

Twenty four years ago a new era of kicks was born. It was the brain child of creative enthusiast Sergio Lozano, who at a time where Air max runners shoes was losing major market, in 1995 he created the ” savior of Air Max runners” the Air Max 95′With this “review” I’m just going to tell you why the Air Max 95′ is my favorite Air Max kick by far!!! (if you don’t agree, kiss my airs)

This kick materializes my being to a good extent. Let me break it down real quick.The design of the kick was hinged on the human anatomy, with the rear of the kick resembling the spine of a human being and the material were used in decorum to incarnate skin, ribs and tendons.

The Air Max 95′ has “pushed the envelop” with its edgy design, it is the first Air Max to utilise two air cushions in the forefoot. Providing great comfort and balance.It is a “Rebel” and I say this because initially it was not intended to have any “swoosh”… At all!! But with compromise it became the kick to introduce a smaller NIKE swoosh minimised in the rear side panel.

Its “the child of the Soil” the outer design of the kick was birthed when Sergio pounded the earth eroded by rain, imagined what it would look like if it were found underground and was unearthed by erosion.

The kick depicts the “way of life” on it’s sole, as the air bubbles looming into the sole offer “transparency” but not completely…. Only the ones who come close enough will see.

You see’….. It is poetry. It is history. It is the universe. It is sheer beauty and creativity. It is a phly-kick. It is the Air Max 95′!!!

If this was a podcast, I’d play out to Mac Miller – Nikes on my feet where he sampled a prolific rapper NAS on his track called “The world is yours”Nikes on my feet/ keeps the cypher complete”

A Mr Miyagi review…. Wax on wax off

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