The Politics of Firing Your Mom And More On The Kulcha Podcast

Another week, another instalment of The Kulcha is bound to follow.

Here goes the episode notes to episode 31 called “Mama, You’re Fired”

One might think that because we like trees, therefore we care for the environment, right? Well, not really. We did discuss the sudden urgency for plastic straws to be replaced by paper straws, as well as, the trash that was thrown and lit up during the strikes in the Pretoria CBD streets.

From there, the conversation took an offramp in true rambling stoner style: from the Cape Flats to the fallacy of lying to the real function of deputy ministers to the hitman economy to the concept of “sugar buddies”.

In between all of that, we spent time to shout out all the women (and those who identify as women) on this Woman’s Month and ponder on what more can be done to celebrate women.

Speaking of the women, if you were your mama’s boss & you find out that she is under performing at work, would you fire her? Spoiler alert: we would do it.

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