Kannon Ihy – 4:28 | Review

Exactly a month ago I had the fortune of attending the listening session for an EP titled “4:28” by Kannon Ihy that was hosted at Metanoia in Braamfontein.

Kannon Ihy (pronounced “canon eye”) whose real name is Khauhelo Botha was born on the 28th of April and this is key to note since that is what inspires the titled of this EP (4:28) and if research proves correct, he started working on this project on the same date this year.

The EP is short and sweet (5 tracks), clocking in at a total runtime of just 16m 18sec (it’s shorter than your work/school commute) which is always a good thing in this age since it increases the likelihood that people will listen to your project regularly.

I hadn’t listened to any music by Kannon before this project so when I did go back to check out some of his earlier stuff (such as November 4th & Beast Mode) I noticed a significant change in sound to a more brooding trapsoul sound. I was lucky enough to speak to his manager who mentioned that this was a conscious and strategic decision that allowed Kannon the opportunity to tackle the subject matter of this tape (the ever so elusive intangibles of romantic relationships and fleeting memories) in a more fitting manner and also showcase his sonic range & style.

Photo Cred: @nqanawe.imax (Insta)

The tape starts off pretty slow with an interlude-like intro “The Time Is 4:28” and it starts picking up immediately on the following track titled “Lemme Hit” which features American producer and songwriter Majestic Drama, who has worked with the likes of Wale, Kid Ink, Fetty Wap & Twista. If there is a song on this tape that you’ll hear in the club, it’s gonna be this one. The third track is “Time Wasted” which features the infamous voicemail/voice note from a significant other trope near the end and is more of an emotional song with mostly singing. The penultimate track is titled Old Ways” where he reflects on how he’s still hung up on a past love even though he is with someone else – this song is a grower, not a shower…it will grow on you when you least expect it to. We finally close off the tape with “Birds of the Night” where Kannon opens up about what is the inner-weakness of many guys: iyfebe; and how he just can’t help this affinity for the wild night life and all that which it offers…mostly, iyfebe.

Photo Cred: @nqanawe.imax (Insta)

I mentioned earlier on that I attended the listening session for this tape and during the session there were a couple of songs that he performed that are not on the tape. One in particular being a song titled “Studio (Time)” which he closed off the session with and was so good of a song that not only was the entire venue singing along to the hook but the crowd ended up demanding an encore of it. I reached out to Kannon to find out why I couldn’t find this gem on the tape nor anywhere on the internet and he explained that it’s due to what is every artist’s worse enemy: sample clearance. But he did promise that he’s working tirelessly to make sure that it eventually graces our ears officially as a single in the very near future so make sure you keep an ear out for this scorcher.

He also mentioned that the project was set to be released in May but due clearance issues, the date had to be pushed back. You can listen to the project on YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music & on his SoundCloud.

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