Video: Ma-E Drops Long Awaited Visuals for LeVibe

SA hip hop O.G, Me-E, is out here to make us fux wit the kleva’s groove, whether we like it or not.

This is further evidenced in the latest video to his street single LeVibe. The kwaito-influenced production, which is cooked up by JayHBee might make someone want to whip out the All Stars and do their best panstula moves.

If you have 2 left feet, don’t worry. The panstula dancers on display might give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your feet move like you’re trying to squash amakoporosh (Shout out to Mzekezeke)

The video, directed by Slowman Films and Ma-E, has the Township Counsellor and his homies posted up in the corner store doing the usual things: sipping some (energy) drank, trying to holla at girls, dancing to the hot tunes. You know, the usual things to do in the kasi.

Now do best and check out the video to LeVibe below:


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