This feels like a good time to re-introduce the Thinksllow masses to The Kulcha.

The Kulcha is an unconventional Pretoria-based podcast coming to you from the minds of myself (@BraSmoove) & my homie, Uno (@TheUnoYouKnow).

The concept of The Kulcha is simple: we play some tunes in the background and discuss the hot topics related to music, movies, social media, sports, politics and such in 45 minute to an hour sessions. With a little help from Miss Mary, of course.

This week we got to cover an interesting party concept: a groove that played nothing but Kanye West songs the whole night.

We also started off things with an exclusive track from The Us called “Glorious”

Other topics that were discussed include:

  • The relationship between fatherlessness and youth unemployment
  • Local cannabis news
  • The word “toxic”

Also, a young class session was given to give the difference between bad bads and savages. Check it below:

The Kulcha is available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout and Spotify

Listen to Fatherless Youth below for free on Spotify below:


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