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Kicks With Miyagi: NIKE AIR MAX 1 Navy/Red sail colourway Review

Okay, a brief history of the kick in review

This is the first ever AIR MAX to be released, the first release dates back to 1987( which was then known as the “air max”) later more Air Max’s were released which then made it “1” #FunFact #sidenote
The Air Max was conceptualized by Tinker Hatfield and the underlying tech and patented created by Frank Rudy.

More on the shoe specs appearance

The Air Max can be identified according to the Nike Wikipedia “by their mid-soles incorporating flexible urethane pouches filled with pressurized gas” – which in simple sneakerhead term ” the air bubble. The air bubble is intended to provide cushioning underfoot and thus makes it a very comfortable shoe. The “Air bubble” is visible from the exterior.
The colourway spotted here are the two tone leather navy/burgundy, the mesh upper Navy with the white swoosh, the white/ off white mid-sole and the natural leather branding patch to maintain that overall old school look.

A few reasons why I chose this kick for my #1 first review is because, not only is the kick popular among sneaker enthusiasts but also with the working class too, so it’s a sneaker everyone relates too in some way. The significance of “1” this being the AIR MAX 1 and this being review no.1 (get it? Ahhhh…. never mind). The AIR MAX 1 is a classic and a first for its long range of kicks to surface, so it’s the “original O.G” in a sense. And the most underlying factor it is a all-around great kick! It offers comfort, beauty, history, it keeps on re-inventing it’s image and has “kept it’s cool” #PUNintended, so it is really dear kick to me.

The AIR MAX1 is still a properly respected sneaker and will remain so for a long time! It’s a definite cop for me but as we know a popular sneaker encounters a problem of “fakes”  and the air max has alot…. still a good kick though

A Mr MIYAGI review “wax on wax off”

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