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EVENT: TURNING UP WITH @Gigi_Lamayne AT THE #GigiGangShow

Fun times were had at Gigi Lamayne's one woman show

So, what was supposed to be a day game for the team changed into a day/night game. Probably the reason why Gigi Lamayne’s Gigi Gang Show was held at the Elkah Cricket Stadium in Soweto.

The Gigi Gang Show is special as 1) its the first headliner show done by a South African woman rapper, and 2) it was curated to show that women rappers can hold their own against their male colleagues if given the chance to showcase their talent.

Performance were held down by, amongst others, Fifi Cooper, Nadia Nakai, Moozlie, Manu Worldstar, Mshoza, Eminent Fam, DJ Sabby, Beast, Touchline, Reason, Khuli Chana and of course, the lady of the moment, Gigi Lamayne.

Here’s some of the things we noticed:

  • There was a separate area with jumping castles and jungle gyms for the youngins. Gigi is for the kids!
  • It was good to see Fifi Cooper is still out here doing the damn thing.
  • Soweto still got love for Pro. “RIP Pro” was heard through the speakers almost every 30 minutes.
  • Sofn’Free had a stall where people (aka women) could get their hair done during turn up.
  • Whoever organised the sound system needs to return. The bass almost made a nigga vibrate. Or was it the gin & tonic?
  • It is expected that a premium will be paid for booze but imagine paying R50 for dash. Joburg events, neh?
  • Weed has more power than alcohol, especially in hip hop events.

All in all, big fun was had at the Gigi Gang Show and we hope to be at the next one in 2020. Big shout out goes out to everybody involved.

All photos courtesy of Gigi Lamayne and Team Lamayne

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