EVENT: 2019 WAS A GOOD YEAR TO GO @BacktothecitySA

The 2019 edition of Back To The City Festival was the go to place for folks to experience the best showcasing of all the 5 elements of hip hop. For those not familiar, the 5 elements are: rapping, DJing, breakdancing, graffiti and beatboxing. There are other elements but that is a topic for another day.

Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown was the location for this auspicious occasion with plenty activities on hand. Asides from the main stage, there was the graffiti, the rap contests, the dance contests, the beat battles, gaming stations, panel discussions, BMX & skateboarding exhibitions, film viewings, art installations etc. If you were a lazy bastard, there was the beer garden to keep you active.

In terms of the performances, there was a literally jam packed line up for the day. Pretty much, the entire rap game (except AKA) was booked. Look at the picture below to see what I mean:

From an operational view, there were big improvements in terms of the sound quality, the transitions between the different performances and the security in and outside the event. All props are due to the organisers for doing the Lord’s work in creating a seamless event.

Notable highlights of the event included:

  • Hip Hop Summit having industry experts dropping jewels on the business of hip hop.
  • The reactiveness of the 20 000 strong crowd to Cassper Nyovest’s Amapiano trip.
  • The highly contested 10K Challenge
  • A resounding performance from Boom Shaka
  • Blaklez turning the arena into an interrogation room by asking “Who Killed Senzo?”
  • A touching tribute to the recently fallen legends of the local rap game
  • This performance from Riky Rick


All in all, big fun was had at this year’s Back to the City and we cannot wait to go back to the city in 2020. See what I did there?

Photos courtesy of GAS Photography, Bright Mokome and Khaya Bhengu

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