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These beads are hand painted colourfully.

I explore the stunning design of my jewellery. With that being said, l play an enormous role in culture, fashion, economy and artistic expression of the African people.

My beads are unique, more intriguing and an important symbol to an African origin, past and presence.

With a deep and powerful meaning in many cultures, they reflect age, Gender and social status.

As the Founder of Nazo, l believes in the positive energy of diversity. Each of my jewellery contains beads from at least three countries.

There’s a story to tell behind the colours l use. Nazo has pride, beauty, power and identity. Hearsay, diversity plays a huge role in terms of trading. It’s one of the major strength that makes us stronger.

In general, we express cultural diversity in many ways. Nazo jewellery has a fantastic tool for sound and art creation. When you come closer you can hear the sound of beads as they move.

I know the origin of beads and their roots. Therefore, it’s my responsibility to tell stories through my a signature, my personalized charm, necklaces and rings.

Each day, l learn new things about jewellery and the history of beads.

Always looking for new opportunities, a way to innovate and bring new ideas to the market.

Believe me, l pride myself knowing that jewellery is a universal form of adornment, therefore, l promise to offer services and products of the at most quality to the market.

Taking the initiative is my biggest strength. My basic nature is to act,

Not to be acted upon. As it is unable me to choose my response to particular circumstances.

Basically, my main focus is in between the circle of relevant people. The market segmentation and Geographic segmentation since it plays a huge role in making Nazo Jewellery


It’s clear that Nazo jewellery would be a successful brand in the next five years to come. Besides, l know what exactly is expected from me.

I’m aware of the market target, the financial plan, research, development, operations, marketing and personnel physical facilities.

Nazo visualise the uncreated world of art that lies within us. Through conscience, l create jewellery with Artpreneurship laws and principles using my singular talent and avenues of contribution.

With the personal leadership skills that l have, Nazo is going places. My powerful right brain capacity is a great asset to my work. I can use my right brain power of visualization. As to write an affirmation that would help the business grow

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