The premiere of the eight and final season of the fantacydrama television series Game of Thrones at Nu Metro Hyde Park.

[10:48, 4/15/2019] Paul Crowley: F****n Epic!!!

[10:56, 4/15/2019] Pablo: Like 😭😭 like I see everyone meeting after forever 😭😭😭 especially John and Sansa but the fact that the episode started the way season 1 episode 1 did like instead of Robert and them coming these it was John and Danny then the way it ended is also the same 😭 Jamie and Bran 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

[10:57, 4/15/2019] Pablo: Then Sam finds out about his brother 😭😭 and you see the difference between his father and brother in his reacting 😭 I mean no Paul… How do they get this flawless?

[11:02, 4/15/2019] Paul Crowley: I’m stunned 😮

[11:02, 4/15/2019] Paul Crowley: It’s too much

[11:19, 4/15/2019] Pablo: Like I gave the episode a standing ovation.

[11:26, 4/15/2019] Paul Crowley: And then finding out that the love of your life is your potentially your greatest enemy and… Aunt!!

[11:31, 4/15/2019] Pablo: And you know there might be a fight about that … a huge one!!

– – –

Whatsapp conversation with my brother and it sums up pretty much all I have to say about the first episode / Game of Thrones. EPIC!!!

It was more than just a gathering of fans to see an episode of their favourite series. I was a celebration of, arguably, thee most epic TV series of all time!

Nu Metro Hyde Park did the most and hosted us for a worldwide live screening of the most exciting fan event of the year. The premiere of the eighth and final season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones.

We arrived rather on time, just before the set registration time 1:30 am, hoping to catch most of the crown early as they come in but, believe it or not, more than half of us were already there. Enjoying good food, good drinks, and even better conversations!  #WinterIsHere but Nu Metro is also here for us with their unmatched reception. I exaggerate not when I say the vibe was Icy! –  I mean LIT. Nu  Metro Hyde Park went Dracarys on us, and we were living for it!

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The time came and the doors to the luxury cinema VIP scene opened featuring, yes the leather recliners. Our popcorn was ready but not more than we were with the rest of the world.

No filming inside the cinema of course but as soon as those lights went off you could feel everyone’s butterflies gushing in all directions as we cheered like we are at Coachella.

The only low of the entire morning was when the End Subtitles went up along with the GOT Soundtrack and the Cinema lights came on. Legit, every single person did not know what to do with themselves for a good three minutes. It was like a gobsmacked moment of silence for the exceptional experience we all just had, and a silent scream for more. I guarantee you, we could have binged watched the whole season at one go with just popcorn and Johnnie Walker White Walker.

We can only hope for another GOT memory for the series finale on May 20. Until then book yourself an unmatched experience at Nu Metro today!

Look out for our next post featuring our favourite looks of the night. It was not a competition but fans really came #ForTheThrone. Join in on the conversation and hashtag #GotComesToNuMetro and #NuMetroGOT8

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