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ALBUM REVIEW: @L_Tido – 16

L-Tido has been a mainstay in SA rap since some of our adolescence years. Man dropped his anticipated album – with major label backing – after a 5 year album break.

in between those 5 years, there has been a single here, a feature there; but they don’t really give L-Tido a chance to properly share his truths. We already know that he has the potential to steal your girl, can make it rain in the club and has access to the freshest clothes. But does 16 add on to what we already know about the guy?


Well, we do get a glimpse of on Glitz Gang Forever where he breaks down his beef with not only AKA (but also with his fellow Glitz Gang brethren. There is no sad ending here as he state that it’s all love among them. AKA is featured on No Favors and Maggz & Sean Pages get a spot on Maybe.

The 90s rap influence does appear, especially with 10 Mac & Men Are Trash. 10 Mac being a step by step booklet on how to deal with huns, different from B.I.G rapping on how to deal with the crack game (mac rhymes with crack, you see?). Men Are Trash takes a leaf from Nas’ Undying Love, where a heartbroken man finds his girl with another man and a crime of passion ensues.

However, that’s about all we get.

There are few tracks on 16 that had potential to be slow burners but the execution is lacking. Letter to the Game is an example; the head nodding beat is a winner, but now is Tido rapping about the hip hop game or running game on huns? Both? Ok then.

The production has vastly improved from his last album, however there are times where the production convinces you more than the bars. L-Tido has always had a weird flow but he isn’t one to make that an issue. Now, when it gets to point where one can hear it 13 times over with little to no switch ups, it can get quite tiring. The mandate of 16 was probably to create 13 hits. This also affects the replay value of the project.

It’s sad to say that homie had a chance to change his style up but he chose to keep it in a box. It’s no secret that women love Tido. If he made a album similar to Reason’s Love Girls, we could have seen the birth of SA’s love rap merchant. Instead, we got All Of Me with better beats.

In conclusion, 16 is aight. Just aight.

Fire Tracks: 10 Mac, Regular Drip, No Favors, Glitz Gang Forever


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