Kalawa Jazmee is a legendary record label that needs no introduction. They have been at it for the past 24 years. That’s right, Kalawa is as old as South Africa. So when we got word that the Kalawa Jazmee Artists Showcase was a real concept, we could not say no.

So, in the interest of the culture (and liking things), we touched down the HQ of Universal Music South Africa in the bougie streets of Rosebank. Not to act like a groupie, but it was quite a trip seeing the people behind some of our favourite hits up-close. Some of them look a lot shorter in real life but that’s not their fault,

I was more surprised that Kalawa has plenty artists on their roster — even after numerous talents have come & gone. There was the rumor that Kalawa was ‘crumbling down’ but the OGs wanted to set the record straight with this showcase.

It was a closed intimate affair with majority of the crowd being industry people. Now I am not one to get starstruck, but when I found myself two feet away from Professor, I was ready to go full on groupie mode. But alas, that kind of behaviour might get me barred from future Universal events, so I kept it cool.

The host with the most was Stoan from Bongo Muffin. We were treated to performances from the following artists who I’m going to write in bullet points because damn there’s a lot of y’all:

  • Jakarumba
  • Candy
  • Mjokes
  • AB Crazy
  • Nokwazi
  • Professor
  • Oskido
  • 2.5
  • Pex Africah
  • Spikiri
  • Vetkuk vs Mahoota

It was a dope night. A cold ass night, but the fire entertainment, free food & drinks helped to warm us up. Shout out to the good people at Kalawa Jazmee & Universal Music South Africa for the link up. Let’s see each other again some time ??

Check out some of the reactions for the Kalawa Jazmee Showcase:










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