When I got the word that tickets for the 1 year celebration of the Trancemicsoul Sessions were live, I had to break my “no groove” fast. The plan was to be out of the streets until September but then life laughed at my plan.

But a good deep house event hosted at one of my favourite spots in the Capital City – African Beer Emporium (ABE) – is a valid excuse to re-enter the skreets. So re-enter, I did.

The Trancemicsoul Sessions goes down on the 1st Saturday of every month and you can get in for free by registering on the link that Trancemicsoul drops on his socials. 300 tickets are made free but they get snatched quick. However, they do have the option of buying tickets online & at the door. See, that’s fair, neh?

The good people at Red Bull, Jagermeister & Amstel sponsored this day/night fixture, which featured an all star cast: Kid Fonque, John The Baptist, Chynamusique, Jullian Gomes, Kat La Kat, Jazzuelle, QB Smith and the HNIC himself, Trancemicsoul.

Being the African that I am, I arrived on site around 5/6pm (doors were open from 12 midday) so I walked in between Jullian Gomes’ set, which can only be described as hot.

Matter of fact, I can summarize my reactions to the DJ sets that I saw/heard as follows:

  1. Jullian Gomes – hot 🔥
  2. Kat La Kat – hot 🔥
  3. Jazzuelle – hot; got warm but finished hot 🔥
  4. QB Smith – lukewarm but finished hot 🔥

Four hours well spent and I will definitely see myself dabbling with the Trancemicsoul Sessions againMaybe in September 🤣🤣🤣

I also learnt a few things:

  • A deep house event demographic is like a 50 Cent song: many men. There was a sizeable amount of women on site, tho.
  • The sound system was quite naaarce. Almost as naaarce as the Void sound system at AndClub. But that’s for another post.
  • There was even a space where we could take our veggies. Nice 👌🏾
  • ABE loses points for making us wait for drinks like we were in Home Affairs.
  • ABE gains points for showing the 2018 World Cup games live.

Shout out to Alex in Action for hooking us up with the visuals. Look at what went down below:

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