After pushing the independent hustle for more or less 10 years, L-Tido has signed a major label deal with Universal Music Group South Africa (Universal) 

The announcement was made earlier this week at Universal‘s HQ in the bougie streets of Rosebank.

Themba Molongoana is the A&R chief over there at Universal and had this to say:

Universal Music is proud to announce the signing of L- Tido. We trust the partnership will be fruitful and elevate L- Tido’s brand to greater heights

This is what L-Tido had to say about the major move:

I’m looking forward to working closely with a strong team on my upcoming releases. We have big plans and I’m excited to see them all come together

But after doing it yourself for so long, why sign to a major label? Here go Tido’s response:

After 10 years of doing everything independently, I want to embark on a different journey with this next phase in my career.

Man wasted no time & even previewed his upcoming single titled I’m Back. We at Thinksllow got an exclusive snippet of I’m Back & to keep it 100, Bra 16V is sounding naaarce, bru. Watch below, fam.


It seems like Universal has adopted the business strategy of Bidvest & have applied it to music: if you like them, sign them. They do have resources on deck, so perhaps L-Tido made the move to focus less on the admin side of the music business & more on the music. All the best fam.

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