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On this take of The Critic, we look at an EP from a Vaal-based urban poet whose name is pronounced Good Vibe Cye & is written as GBVBCYE.

It is ironic that his name expects social interaction yet his EP is titled Antisocial. Whether this was done on purpose is something we can debate on another day. Today, the question is: Does Antisocial suck? Thankfully, the answer is no.

The first track, Introvert starts off with a smooth keyboard riff and then a booming voice spits: “Gotta do what I know, never gave a damn.“, which is followed by a pair of crisp drums & a short but powerful bass line. I get late night driving vibes listening to this. For all 4 tracks actually. They have that calmness to it.

It is plain to see that Cye was in a jiggy mood when making this EP because all 4 of the beats are bouncy AF. I was nodding my head non-stop. I like how the theme of being an homebody is kept throughout. From steady Blocking unwanted conversations to having Lucid thoughts by yourself to having a Break Time from other human beings. This was a good offering from Cye, the only flop is that it’s too short. This can only mean we can expect more from the boy, going forward.

Antisocial EP gets a solid 3 out of 5 fire emojis 🔥🔥🔥

Fire Tracks: Introvert, Blocking & Lucid

Listen to Antisocial EP on Audiomack below:

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