I was thinking of making a US-Russia Cold War metaphor to describe the Pusha T & Drake situation. But to compare a rap beef to a potential geopolitical nuclear crisis is silly as Huey Freeman best described this as “just some dumb niggas beefing”. Needless to say, the rap community has been craving a worthwhile rap beef for a cool minute. So let’s break down what we know so far.

Their beef has been brewing for the longest time with subliminals being shot from both G.O.O.D Music & Young Money camps. On one corner, there’s a stuck-in-the-90s rapper with a hairstyle that was trending when his brother (and, not him) was pushing drugs. On the other corner is a professional sadboy who was too focused on growing a beard than practicing the pull out method.

However, what has happened over the past week was different from their usual beating around the bush tactics. The homie Circus Recipe already broke down Infrared & Duppy Freestyle on his piece here, and last time I checked, I am not a broken record. This right here is for The Story of Adidon.



The Story of Adidon

One fact that might have missed most people is that Pusha T did not use an original beat for his diss track. He used the instrumental to The Story of O.J. by Jay Z. This is a concept known as jacking for beats. That’s a tactic used in a lot of early to mid 2000 mixtapes, where a lot of diss tracks were featured in. It’s kinda clever how Drake’s blackface photo was used as the cover art as it links to the Jaybo character in the original’s music video.

I was very concerned with the amount of people saying that Pusha went too far when throwing his haymakers at Drake. That just convinced me that some of y’all only started listening to rap music in 2010.

If Hit Em Up dropped in 2018, how many people on social media platforms would say that 2Pac was wrong for saying this:

We ain’t bringing beef, we bringing drama. Fuck you & your motherfucking mama…All you motherfuckers, fuck you, die slow; my 4-4 make sure all your kids don’t grow.

The main point of this piece is to re-inform some of y’all on what the intention of a diss track is.

You gon’ learn today.

Diss. Diss respect. Disrespect.

Seeing that we are appealing to an Internet audience, it’s only right to get the definition of a diss with the most reliable online dictionary, Urban Dictionary. Let’s go through a few definitions one time:

  •  a shortened version of “disrespect”
  • A slang for disrespect, or a comeback when someone says something mean.
  • Taken from the word “disrespect”. To insult someone disrespectfully.
  • Verb. Slang word that came from, and therefore shares the same definition as “to disrepect”.

You get the idea. It all stems from disrespect. Therefore, if I do not respect you as a rapper, how can I have boundaries on what I can say against that rapper? This is where rap becomes like politics & the smear campaign begins. All skeletons are ready to be exposed, no holds will be barred. Anything goes. Industry rumours do have a chance of being presented as facts on diss tracks but we allow musicians creative license to inflate the truth a little bit. For the culture, you know.


Honestly, things would been different if Drake did not talk shit about Pusha T’s fiance. Actually, he should have. Because he knows what a diss track is supposed to do: sting like a MF. Unfortunately, he did not expect Pusha to become a lowkey gossip reporter on the mic.

Man fetched information from Drizzy’s childhood, teenage years, the Comeback Season era and his current period of life. He then wrapped all that into a few 16 bar verses. All while maintaining that sting. It won’t play in the club, though. This could be pushed as the reason that Pusha loses the beef.

The last time we heard a diss track that had such personal details was Dust to Dust by Cassper Nyovest. Man dropped files on AKA that would make Sunday World sell many papers. Unfortunately, most of the 2nd verse (where the most juice is) was not rapped on beat. Therefore, it didn’t get many spins. He gets an A for effort, though.


The only time that a beef went too far was when during the Nas/Jay Z beef, when Jay Z’s mama called him out & made Jay Z apologise for that saying he left condoms on the car seat of Nas’ baby after smashing Nas’ baby mama. Unless Pusha’s mama makes him say sorry to Drake, I don’t see this beef ending soon.

People are gonna fetch Drake for the blackface pics going forward, but might give him a pass on being an alleged absent dad. Because, Aubrey Drake Graham is not the first rapper to have baby mama drama. He’ll be alright.


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