Introducing Creatives Corner with @Pweety_Ashley

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Introducing Creatives Corner with @Pweety_Ashley

Posted By Paul Crowley

No matter what level you think is the highest, there is always another level. A concept that started off as a simple Facebook live stream has found their new level: a YouTube channel.

Introducing Creatives Corner with Pweety Ashley, a brand new Hip Hop web show showcasing up and coming rappers & poets.
The hostess with the mostest, Pwetty Ashley, is a radio presenter who has a love for blogging and hip hop. She started Creatives Corner through her Facebook page & would live stream the whole show where a wide range of MCs and poets who have to provide that heat or stay in the background. What makes this show unique is that everything is done in 1 take and 1 take only. No cuts, no edits. The whole essence of the show is recorded for your viewing pleasure.
The premiere episode will be up later today on Pweety Ashley’s Youtube page. Check it out below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!

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Written by Paul Crowley

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