If you have not been living in a cave, then you are familiar with the most anticipated monthly event in Pitori. The good people at Homecoming Events & Park Acoustics hosted the 18th edition of Tshwanefontein this past weekend at the African Beer Emporium in the 012 Central courtyard & it was nothing less than fire.

The locals call it Fontein because it is a fountain of groove, fountain of drinks, fountain of happy & awkward reunions. Basically, a fountain of good times where you can eat your youth. Most people out here have the last Sunday of every month marked on their calendars. For a good reason too. Once word gets out that tickets are live, tickets sell fast. And once tickets are sold out, all you can do hate from the outside.

Providing the musical ambiance for the day/night mingle were DJs Shiltz, D&S, Deep Ancestral, Arthur Lastman & Stepdaw from France, Sumbody and Twins on Decks.

I believe I speak for most people when I say that the best performance of the day was Lamiez Holworthy & her drummer man. Fam, I can’t even put into words how dope they were. Just watch the video below:

I thought that the plans would be to expand the concept of Fontein to a more mainstream audience. However, I do understand why the organisers chose not to. Fontein is not supposed to be a Sunday groove as we already have enough of those. Our employers who dealt with our “chronic exhaustion” sick notes agree. The idea is to have alternative ways of socialising because we can only go to the club so many times a year. Fontein is surely setting the trend on alternative groove. And I’m here for it.

I also learnt a few things:

  • Day parties are the new wave. More time to turn up and when you’re turned out, it’s still 8/9pm.
  • After dabbling with 2 bottles of champagne, I finally understood why it is called bad bad juice.
  • Like many other progressive minded events, Fontein is a 420 friendly space.
  • When its time to close at 8pm, the DJ plays gospel music in an attempt to make folks leave. We don’t leave though, we just sing along.
  • Fontein is a black event with white event standards. By that, I mean when they say gates open 1pm, people posted up at 1pm.
  • Apparently, you can get so drunk that you feel the need to pick up the bean bags.
  • I am definitely getting a 2019 Season Ticket.

OK, I’m done now. The photos below will take over. Shout out to Henk Steyn Photography & the respective tweeps for the visuals:


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