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Formed in 2013 in Alberton, Defy Theory is a rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. Consisting of 5 members; Gareth Cairncross on lead vocals, Franna Nel and Daniel Bronkhorst on guitars, Renier Lillie on drums, and Justin Visagie on the bass guitar.

Defy Theory

Defy Theory want to offer something unique and different to what is currently out there, specifically in the rock genre. The name Defy Theory is inspired by them not wanting to be tied down to a certain style within the genre itself. DT say they also don’t deliberately try to make every song they write and record sound “different” but rather they let the song evolve and take on its’ own identity.

Defy Theory performing at the Alberton Day Music Festival

Defy Theory released their debut album ‘Impossible/Plausible/Sensible‘ on the 30th of March 2018. The band says, “I/P/S has been 3 years in the making for all intents and purposes. All the songs on the album were written at various points over that time period. The album recording took just over a year to complete in order to make sure that it sounded exactly the way the we wanted it to. I/P/S is the culmination of all the band’s work and experiences starting from the their conception back in 2013.”

…and I’ve been fisting pumping and head banging to it since! The album begins with an intense intro, Numinous, which had my metal-head already sinking ocean deep in the heavy and divine alternative progression and drums. Making it my favourite track by default, even with no lyrics. The Album has 10 more tracks; a mixture of melodic, alternative, dance, and rap rock. On relatable topics such as relationships, purpose, love and addictions.


Why I/P/S?

“This is basically the thought process when facing a difficult situation. At first it seems impossible to overcome. Then the more you analyse and think about it, it becomes more plausible that you will overcome it. Finally one might get to a point where you think with more clarity trying to make sense of the whole situation and reach a sensible solution. The situation will naturally vary from person to person but that’s the gist of it.”

I/P/S is available on all digital platforms and you can stream it on YouTube below.


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