It does not take long for one to turn up to Thixo Onofefe. As soon as Anatii goes “Hayi hayi hayi hayi!”, it’s game over chief.

The music video for Thixo Onofefe was directed by Anatii himself with Jitten Ramlal handling the picture duties & the art direction is credited to Tamzyn Botha.

If you were not familiar with the concept of Thixo Onofefe (translated to God of Grace in Xhosa) you would think the theme of this video is witchcraft. That would be an unfair judgement to make even though the witchcraft elements do pop up more than once. It is also ironic as the song has mad religious imagery. This confirms my theory that Be Careful What You Wish For was conceived in a church camp.

There is a show that plays on Sunday nights on a Satellite TV channel that deals with witchcraft. I can safely say that the show was part of the inspiration behind some of the visuals.

A majority of the shots are in low light areas with a lot of shades of green, blue and black to complement the dark broodiness that comes with the soundbed, which was cooked up by Big Les 4 Real and Anatii. The fast pace of the changes in between shots also create the visual hype that the audio has achieved.

Yes, that is a sangoma on the bottom left side of the screen.


The one performance art piece that took my eye is what I am assuming to be a Tokoloshi that went to a gay parade party. No hate, but the intention of the piece was probably to shock viewers nyana. Well, that & ask the Tokoloshi for fashion advice. But anyway, see the picture below & judge for yourself.

The gay tokoloshi in question.

In conclusion, the video compliments the song well. Very well. It was a good effort from the director, especially as it is his directorial debut.

Watch the video to Thixo Onofefe below:

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