THE CRITIC | #Pabep by @kraizie_atm

Many of you might know him from his feature on ‘Shishiliza‘ by Dj Citi Lyts with Sjava. Kraizie is back with his own single, Pabep.

Released August last year, Pabep has a catchy chorus, with Kraizie telling his haters to move out the way as he tries to make his mark in the SA hip-pop scene.
The video tackles a very sensitive issue of ‘the land’ and white supremacy. Shot in a farm and starting off with a black child (I’m going to name him Sipho. He looks like a Sipho) pushing with a brick as if its a toy car and then goes on to show a white kid playing a wire tractor toy and then taunts at Sipho before his father comes to collect him for a young tour around the farm yards. You know, to know him how things are done around here when you have land.
Whilst this music video is cool amd relevant, one cannot deny the fact that it is very similar to Casper’sK’sazoba Lit‘ music video. Of cause I’m not the only one who noticed this as it is a current battle amongst fans online about ‘who coppied who?’.
Fortunately or unfortunately ‘K’zazoba Lit‘ is sitting at 1.1m views and Pabep bearly even on that 10K mark, sitting a only at 8,7K views, even though these videos dropped the same day, two weeks ago, on YouTube.
Interesting fact is, Kraizie’s video was exclusively showing on MTV Base in March this year already. So I guess it is safe to say, “He did it first”.
Watch Pabep below and let us know what you think. Who did it better?

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