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NEW MOVIE: #CatchingFeelings

Posted By Brasmoove

Pearl Thusi & Kagiso Lediga are the sterrings of this new romantic comedy called Catching Feelings. Personally, I caught feelings to watch this movie. Why? Because Pearl is in it.

Catching Feelings is based in Jozi – for aesthetic reasons. Pearl & Kagiso play a married couple who seem to be living their best married lives. Next thing, their honeymoon phase hits an off-ramp when they let an old man move in with them. Little do they know: this old man is a savage of note. Andrew Buckland killed this role.

There are quite a few other high profile figures in the movie, I’m sure you can spot them in this picture:

Also, the movie – written & directed by Kagiso Lediga  – got some burn over the seas, like at the Los Angeles Film Festival. It even got a rating of 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb, so it has to be good. But don’t just take their word for it. Go watch it.

Catching Feelings is being released in South African cinemas TODAY. Think of this movie when you have no plans for the weekend, neh?

Check out the trailer for Catching Feelings below:

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