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Mondo Dusk has been on the come up for a cool minute. The Lesotho born, SA bred urban poet (shout out, bra Malusi) started off his 2018 with an 8 track EP. Man probably had a baptism and decided to call his next project Born Again. Let’s find out what the latest rap from the Vaal came through with.

The intro of the EP, Charged Up sounds exactly like what you hear in the club. A weird-but-flowing synth melody, booming 808 drums & bars about the groove and the grind. It ends with the famous Birdman rant at The Breakfast Club. Mondo is probably looking for the same thing that Birdman wanted: some respek on his name.

He got some from me around the 15 second mark of Digits Interlude when he floated on the bouncy background provided by HYPE1108 – who produced all the tracks in the EP.

The general theme of the EP is being on the hustle. It’s the one thing that most of us can relate to so it would be natural to reference the street experience over 16 bars. One can hear about him always being on the grind on H.A.M, having dreams of pushing a Lambo on Commando, wanting to make the kids believe in the dream on Own Two, knowing when to be Own The Low when the streets get too hot & concluding that life goes Up & Down like a rollercoaster.

I especially liked the amapiano influences in Resurrection. It was a refreshing way to switch up from the trap influenced sounds in the first half of the album. The light marimba keys & laid back electric piano notes compliment his flow making sure that we “tell ’em that [he’s] back, resurrection.”

As a whole, it’s a solid project. Mondo seems to have an idea on what his sound is. However, it might be an idea to have a concept for a few tracks. This could help with the lyrical content, which got repeated a few times over the 8 tracks. I hear potential in Mondo though. There should be an improvement by the time he releases his next project.

On a scale of 1 to 5 fire emojis, Born Again is 3 fire emojis 🔥🔥🔥

🔥 Tracks: Digits Interlude, Own Two, Resurrection, Up & Down

Listen to Born Again below on SoundCloud:

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