OPINION: @KidTini & @reece_youngking – A CLASH OF THE YOUNG KINGS

What first appeared as a sliver has now formed into a crack. Whether the crack will form into a crater will only be known through time. The crack in this case is the tension between young MCs, Kid Tini & A-Reece.

When Kid Tini dropped the video to his Movie single, the first few seconds have Tini throwing all types of trash talk towards an anonymous figure, who we figured out to be A-Reece. Man did say he would show up to Pheli to show Reece what’s real & sure enough he made a courtesy visit to Atteridgeville.

It is a known fact that Kid Tini & A-Reece are not the best of friends right now. If anything, the video gives a slight confirmation. However it needs to be noted that there is a complex dynamic in this situation. By this, I’m talking about the 3rd party in this matter: Ambitious Entertainment.

But before we get into that, let’s get a little background: In 2015, Tini dropped a freestyle called If The Shoe Fits that used the same beat that Reece used for a track on his old mixtape & threw some sparring bars his way.

Nothing happened after that & the young kings went on to paving their respective lanes. Reece was signed to Ambitious prepping his debut album & Tini was getting props while riding the indie wave at TinismDotCom.

All seemed to be well until this tweet dropped:

Nothing was the same after this and the public fallout between record label and artist got ugly.

Few months pass by and Ambitious signs up a few artists to fill in the vacancies left by Reece, Benchmarq, Flame, Mashbeats & Fifi Cooper. One of those new artists happens to be Kid Tini.

From there, Ambitious re-released If The Shoe Fits to fan the flames. A-Reece notices this and drops some subliminals at Tini & his former record label in these songs: Meanwhile in Honeydew, Tell Me What You Want, The Oh Well Touché Mindset & Pick You Up.

Tini then shook the rap space by replying with Movie and that’s the story so far.

What this looks like to me is that Tini was signed specifically to replace Reece. Seeing that he already had some animosity with The Boy, Tini would take any instruction from his record label. Needless to say, Reece has not responded to Movie as yet & he would need to be careful on his next move. He is currently on a higher profile than Tini, so the easiest move could be to ignore this.

But if he chooses to respond, then it will be quite interesting to see the young kings rumble. However, he could also blow it off & keep at it with the subliminals; then Tini & Ambitious’ strategy would need to go back to square one. Personally, I wouldn’t use beef to try and put Kid Tini on to the game but it seems to get the required attention. As I said earlier, only time will tell.


One more thing: we at Thinksllow do not condone beef if it escalates to violence. Please beef responsibly.


Shout out to @JustKholii_ for providing the background information on this matter.

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