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It’s the top of 2018 and its business as usual for the good folks at Versus Lesotho. The first battle of the year for the Dirt Mouth Sessions takes place at the usual spot, Cuban Linx Club in Maseru on Thursday, January 25th. On the card they have veteran MC and one half of the Dirt Mouth Sessions inaugural pair of battle rappers, making his second appearance, Anonymous. His opponent, who will be making his Dirt Mouth debut, is the relatively – in comparison to his opponent at least – unknown yet seasoned MC, Jakal Dick.

There are a few reasons why I believe this battle has the makings of what could potentially be a classic bout. It can be anticipated that Anonymous will want to redeem himself from what most refer to as a drubbing he received at the hands – or rather, words – of OG Skillz whom he faced at the opening battle of the Dirt Mouth Sessions in 2017. Considered as a firm favorite by many going into that battle, Anonymous was stunned as an on-form OG Skillz completely out-rapped him in all of the three rounds on the night. While Anonymous is by no means a wack MC, he just seemed to be out of touch with what modern day battle rap entails as he rapped a slew of dated verses that had nothing to do with his opponent. As a result, the more up to speed OG Skillz beat him convincingly and made it an easy job for the judges to declare him the victor.

Jakal Dick on the other hand – no pun intended, please – may have never been on the Dirt Mouth stage but his resume in the underground battle scene of Maseru is commendable. He will surely want to leave a mark on his debut appearance. It is also worth noting that he is a good friend and partner in rhyme to Tefah (together they are known as Piktcha Perfect), who battled and lost to Kat-Law on the very same stage Jakal Dick is set to step up to on January 25th. Judging from previous Dirt Mouth Sessions, battle rappers who also happen to be friends or come from the same camps are prone to wanting to either avenge in some way or the other, their friends who have lost or carry on tradition in cases where they won (Foreign Currency’s Tieho & Yemba Shungu/ We Got Next’s TURK & Kat-Law). Jakal Dick has the opportunity to avenge Tefah’s loss to Kat-Law while simultaneously making a name for himself as a formidable on-stage battle rapper.

Both these MCs have had a chance to see a number of Dirt Mouth battles prior to theirs and if they are smart, they ought to have learned a few tricks to the trade. Anonymous works closely or is a part of the Versus Lesotho team laying the ground work for these sessions; and by virtue of the fact that he has battled and lost, on paper he may be a firm favorite going into this battle once again, on account of experience and proximity. Of course that does not mean he should rest on his laurels and not prepare for Jakal Dick, who himself is one of the brightest MCs in Lesotho boasting a cannon of vocabulary and creativity to boot, there’s no telling what he will conjure up on the night. Most Dirt Mouth Sessions have been nothing short of surprises and this battle might be no different. Jakal Dick is well respected by a few that know him and have heard him. Despite his loss and overall underwhelming performance, Anonymous is a legendary MC and somewhere in him should still lie that genius that propelled him to reverence in his heyday during Lesotho’s Golden Age of Hip Hop (2004 – 2010).

Lesotho Hip Hop is forever indebted to Lesotho Versus for the Dirt Mouth Sessions which have been a breath of fresh air to a stagnant industry. January 25th, 2018 will be another addition to the history that is being written. With the purse at M2000.00, may the best man on the night win!

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