INTERVIEW : @Buksnation talks New Single #DontNeedStress

When one is prolific as BUKS you assume there is no need for an introduction as his work/music speaks volumes, but you have to keep in mind every day there is someone out there ready to turn into a fan and add numbers to the current supporters, those are the ones we need to create introductions for and with that being said allow us to reintroduce BUKS, as you read through the interview with BUKS discussing his recent deal with Universal Music, New single DON’T NEED STRESS and what makes Buks to be Buks as we’ve come to know him as Super producer and Rapper or simply put as a Musician.

With his debut album titled PEGASUS currently doing major since its release, it’s only fair we track back a few years back and let you into BUKS world that spans 15 years of hard work and musical dedication that has created a numerous list of productions on albums like:

Dankie San by Pro x Wafa Wafa by Teargas x The Monopoly by Tuks x Numba 1 by Shugasmakz x 24/7/366 by AKA x Fresh Air by JubJub x The Afterparty by Psyfo x Write of Passage by Poverb x Motswakoriginator by Khuli Chana x Snakes and Ladders by Pro x Colourful by Jr x Tshwanelo by Tuks x Grateful by Theo Kgosinkwe x Alter Ego bY AKA x Audio3D by Reason x just to mention a few from the many productions his crafted as producer.

2017 sees Buks turns a new leaf as he dedicates all his time and energy to his current project PEGASUS (dropped earlier this year) which has seen him release it’s first single DON’T NEED STRESS which has since been accompanied by a fresh music video.

“The inspiration behind “Don’t Need Stress” was just coming from a place of being tired of being questioned. Being questioned about my abilities as an artist”

While briefly touches on the Pegasus he also mentions the importance of the album to him.

“Pegasus is an important album to listen to because it gives you a solid body of work”


Read the Interview below:

TS: Firstly thanks for granting us an interview here @ThinkSllow, with that being said let’s
just get into the universal deal first before we chat briefly about your new single.

With BETR GANG serving as Label itself is the deal with UNIVERSAL that of a record
deal or a distribution for your upcoming projects/albums going forward ?
B: For Pegasus I signed an artist deal with Universal. As it is my debut album I felt it
important to give it as much push as possible and having a major label allows you to
do that.

TS: Does the deal just cover the whole GANG or is just a solo deal between yourself

B: Like I said previously this deal is for Buks and for Pegasus. It’s not solely a BETR Gang
thing. I have the support of the guys obviously being the homies but as far as the
business of it, that’s Universal.

TS: As a producer first above all things we've seen Producers turn into
Rappers/Singers, some making it and while some not really finding the success when
it comes to being on the Mic but in your case we've seen and heard you do amazing
things not just with BETR GANG but as a Solo (no pun intended) artist too. How has
the transition been for you and what advice can you give to a producer wanting to
do the same?
B: For me, I was a rapper before I was a producer. I just put it on hold for a very long
time. So when people hear me rap or write songs it doesn’t necessarily sound like it’s
new to me. I also took some time to get my writing back up to a level I was happy
with. The transition wasn’t too tough because writing has been something I’ve been
doing since before. It was just a case of getting it to a level where I was comfortable
to say that I do this just as well. My advice for those that do both is to make sure you
can do both really well. I find that the artist that does both is under a much bigger
microscope and therefore you might have to go above and beyond just a songwriter
for instance or a producer. Make sure you're comfortable in both arenas or people
won’t believe it.
TS: Did you entirely produce your current project or you worked with other producers
as well and how has that been considering you can do what they can do?

B: I chose to produce my own album and do the mixing too. I found that was important
to do because I want people to understand how much I am actually capable of doing
and how well I can do it. It’s important to show your capabilities as an artist moving
forward because it gives you a credibility that can last your whole career. It sticks
into the minds of the right people that know the business and understand what it
takes to produced a well balanced project.

TS: What inspired this current single, how has the reception been for both the song
and video and what you hoping to get out of it?
B: The inspiration behind “Don’t Need Stress” was just coming from a place of being
tired of being questioned. Being questioned about my abilities as an artist, about
being challenged as far my decision to make music by certain people, being
questioned in relationships before. Just basically the journey of getting to a kind of
zen where people are no longer in your business about trivial things. It’s me just
saying that I don't need it where I am today. The reception has been interesting. Hip
hop in SA today has pretty much become one thing in terms of sound (which is a
shame) so to hear something like this single isn’t what people are used to but I’m
also cool with that because the more people hear it the more they appreciate it for
what it is. You can never get everyone and nor should you. The people that will
never mess with the music are never going to give it a chance anyway so you can’t
worry about them. I’m more concerned with people that support my music and
those that are interested in hearing more of it. The biggest thing I’m hoping to get
out of anything that I put out is people understanding my identity more and more.
I’m an ARTIST at the end of the day and I’m inspired by many different things at any
given time so those who can appreciate that, can appreciate me.
TS: Regardless of the fact that “Dont need stress is a single from your current
project, Could it be a build up to yet another jam packed project following the
success of Pegasus or Its just one of the singles?

B: It’s just one of the singles of a very well put together project. I really do feel like
Pegasus is an important album to listen to because it gives you a solid body of work
and gives you insight into a certain way of thinking and from a perspective that is
quite unique. All the songs on the album, no matter how they sound are well
thought out and well executed. There isn’t only one way to tell a story or one way to
sound for people to listen to your story. Pegasus proves that in groves!


Stream / Watch DON’T NEED STRESS below:

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