The name on it’s own is self-explanatory. ‘Uncultured, because Cultured is characterized, you are FORCED to FIT-In! You are told what’s good! That is not right! Break out! Set yourself free!’

The aim is to not follow any trend or culture set by any other local brand. Clearly targeted at people who want to start a fashion movement is this clothing label which we just recently learnt of called KVK UNCULTURED.

At this stage we don’t know much about the label besides what the twitter streets have been feeding us. What we can tell you is it’s a swanky new clothing label which is scheduled to drop officially tonight (08/02/2017). It’s important that we emphasize that KVK Uncultured is opening a store in Melville. Let’s let the poster do the talking…

Local creatives are putting their art in stores for you to cop and look pretty amazing this season. We peeped on what could be on the market from KVK UNCULTURED and we are pretty impressed. If pictures are anything to go by, we anticipate some camo T-shirts, dresss… We can’t wait to see more from the brand. Check out @KVKuncultured on twitter or @kvk_uncultured on instagram for updates on their mech.

Final words from us… Support local people!


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