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Y’all know we stay hooking up new or upcoming artists here at THINKSLLOW and today we got our resident dj / music Guru INPHASe doing what he does best for the love of SA HIPHOP as he profiles TERRY TREASURE a south African female rapper he just recently found about not so long ago and his taken interest in following her music/hiphop journey.



Is no doubt i’m always in search of new talent for my on curiosity or love of music across all generes but so often is more of hiphop than most. This year was a good year for sa hiphop female rappers as more and more started surfacing while some released noticeble singles like the likes of Nadia Nakai, Fifi Cooper to Gigi Lamayne signing major deals and recently seeing two female rappers making it on the 2016 MTV BASE Hottest MC’s list.

I’m no stranger to following and eventually working with a female rapper through Zinzi Kahnish and this alone has enabled me to understand female rappers drive and passion amongst a male dominated genre, while releasing an all female mix not so long ago just to showcase how much of female rappers i’m aware of in the game when most can still count at least 6 while some of us can count at least 20+ and with that alone I’ve just found out about TERRY TREASURE through a song [ 21st Hook ] that some how made it to my music collection undetected but for what is worth, it’s worth it and was a blessing to my set list. No doubt the joint is dope and it has resulted in me searching for TERRY TREASURE and what i found was a musical Treasure [ and her also in appearance ] surely is a common thing with us dj’s one good song from an artists makes you want more from that artist even at some point you track back from their first joint to hear were the journey started and it was like that with TERRY TREASURE as i tracked back to 2 years back starting with UNKNOWN VERDICT single where all the passion for hiphop/ music can be felt in her raps, all could be said how did we miss this joint ?


worked my way up passed joints like THE DREAM x IT’S A TASTE x TRUTH x ITCHY PALMS and many more [ keep in mind they dope too ] which all can be found on here Official SOUNDCLOUD ACCOUNT  which contains 32 tracks, so you can wonder how much music both you and i missed out from TERRY TREASURE.

One of the Joints that sure stand out is one of her recent singles and I can safely say is one of her best singles which was recently released about 3 months back EH YAZI and what was strange when jamming the joint it started sounding familiar and I can actually recall hearing this single on the airwaves but yet I didn’t do a follow up [ Apologies to TT for missing out on a hot jam like this but Music has no expiry date ] if you haven’t heard EH YAZI and you reading this please stream it below here: and the music video after.


I’m not much into the modeling side or fashion side of things but one thing we can all agree on is music and fashion go hand in hand very well and that’s one of the things I discovered while searching for her, noticed the modeling / vixen side and her TAT game on point


10532376_10205528494633506_431703704336446814_n 12742607_10205528494833511_6224736672744039775_n

while we still on her tatted game she has a new single titled TATTED featuring one and only TOL ASS MO on this heavy beat banger which can easyly be certified as a club banger and has more potential to mess up the game if is stirred in the right direction and is a perfect reflection of her appearance as she has the tat game on lock, can’t help but remind me of how Kid Ink started in the game. non the less with my closing words all i could wish and hope for TERRY TREASURE is the best of luck in the game and may she continue dropping that dope music and will surely make sure i follow her journey to greatness. much love and respect to TT. – @INPHASeDJ



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