NEWS : Kanye West Changes album name from Swish to “WAVES” and Updates Tracklist

“Keeping up with Kanye” is one of the things you should be used by now. Ye took to twitter as usual [ we like seeing him being active on social media lately ] to announce that his album known as Swish has been renamed to #WAVES with an updated tracklist, which saw having one song titled “Ultra Light Beam” being added according to his Notepad.

At this moment we know Swizz beatz played a role on this anticipated album, we just not sure which role Kim and Kylie played on Waves apart from that of a Wife and sister in law, Even though Kim has been the one to notify the public via her twitter account about songs kanye has released thus far.

“This is not album of the year. This is album of the life” – Kanye West



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